PUBLIC LIABILITY: To cover liabilities arising out of loss of/damage to third party properties or bodily injury/death of third parties.


FIRE & SPECIAL PERILS: The policy covers your buildings, office contents, stock etc against loss/damage due to fire, lightning,

malicious damage, explosion, flood, bursting and overflowing of tanks, pipes and apparatus, riot, strike and civil commotion, storm and tempest, aerial devices,  aircraft,  horses, cattle and impact damage  (including  own  vehicles), earthquake, tornado, tempest and bush fire.


BURGLARY / HOUSEBREAKING INSURANCE: The policy covers your property: office contents, removable parts, stock etc against

“forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises” and through ordinary threat of violence. Because the theft of the entire content looks remote and the entire contents in your premises cannot be stolen, the cover under the policy is better be on First Loss Basis where the first loss limit will represent the maximum liability of insurers in case of any claim.


MONEY INSURANCE (Cash In Transit/Cash In Safe/Cash in Premises/Cash in Personal Custody of Employees): All risk of loss of Items that could be covered under the policy include:
    • Money in transit including wages/salaries, petty cash, open cheques
    • Money in securely locked safes and/or drawers and/or cabinets and/or strong room and/or boxes and/or locations and/or branches          
    • Money in custody of responsible employees                                                 
    • Damage to insured’s safes and/or drawers and/or cabinets and/or strong room and/or
    • The risk of riot, strike and civil commotion and hold up.


FIDELITY GUARANTEE INSURANCE (Employees Dishonesty): This class of policy is basically designed to cover loss of money

and/or stock, embezzlement or fraudulent conversion by your employees.This is particularly important where employees are entrusted with the company’s money and/or stock. It is important to arrange the policy to cover all employees in charge of cash and stocks.


COMPUTER / ELECTRONICS ALL RISK INSURANCE: The policy would provide cover for your computer equipment and electrical/electronic installations and accessories against:
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Water and humidity
  • Accidental damage or theft
  • Breakdown
  • Cost of reinstating data


COMPREHENSIVE AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE (Motor Insurance): A standard comprehensive motor insurance grants indemnity against loss of or damage to the insured vehicles occasioned by:
  • Fire;
  • Theft;
  • Accidental damage and
  • Malicious act.
  • Legal liability to third parties arising from the use of the vehicle(s)
  • Legal costs and expenses incurred with the insurer’s consent.

Group Life Assurance Scheme

Group Life Assurance Scheme:The pension reform Act of 2004 stipulates that every employer of labour having five and above employees must put in place a Group Life Assurance policy

The minimum sum assured which would become available to the named beneficiaries under the policy is 3 times annual emolument of the employee following death either through accident or natural means/any causes.

The act defines emolument as basic salary, housing and transport allowance.

The following staff data shall be needed to put the policy in place:

  • Employees’ Names
  • Date of birth or age next birthday
  • Sex
  • Total Annual Salary (i.e. Basic, Housing and Transport allowance)

Corporate Protection Insurance for Kidnap and Ransom

Corporate Protection Insurance for Kidnap and Ransom:Kidnap for ransom is a very real threat in many parts of the world, and global corporations have a duty of care to their local, travelling and expatriate staff.

An organization dealing with an incident faces potential losses from ransom payments, business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity and long-term damage to reputation.Some of the key benefits of the corporate protection insurance for kidnap and ransom include:

  • Reimbursement of costs associated with a kidnap for ransom, extortion, detention or hijack incident
  • Immediate and unlimited access to specialist response consultants
  • Personal security and corporate risk mitigation guidelines
  • Access to travel risk information and safe traveller training
  • Death and Injury

We make confidentiality an utmost priority and operate a strict policy of non-disclosure of any client details.Verve Insurance Brokers is a leader in the kidnap and ransom insurance market – working with vetted insurers and key London markets. Specialist knowledge, pre-incident planning guidelines, broad experience and efficient service differentiate the team of experts we have

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance:In an increasingly litigious world, your company’s officers and board of directors are personally at risk to incur financially crippling lawsuits, making it difficult to attract top-tier talent.

These vulnerabilities to risk may arise from the very qualities—initiative, vision, and business strategy—for which you hired them Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) liability insurance provides your executives personal liability and financial loss protection from wrongful acts committed—or allegedly committed—in their capacity as corporate officers.VERVE Insurance Brokers Ltd will help you design and implement a Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance policy that fits with your business, by identifying your corporate and personal exposures to liability. We then create a program that incorporates risk mitigation recommendations as well as the broadest D&O insurance coverage available.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance: in line with our goal of providing equitable healthcare to all strata of the society, we have developed a unique health plan with wide benefits of international standard.

Within their policy year, enrolees shall have access to qualitative and equitable healthcare with no overall financial limit at a highly competitive premium without compromising the quality of care and cost of management as compared with the retainership system. All treatment shall be carried out in Nigeria except where a prior arrangement has been made for treatment to be carried out elsewhere in the world

Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance:This policy covers all forms of risks to your vessels. The insured risks include perils of the sea and other navigable waters, fire and explosion, theft, accidents, jettison, piracy,

earthquake, accidents in loading, discharging or shifting cargo or fuel. Possible liability to third parties are also covered.

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